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Can you think of someone you know that causes mayhem for everyone around them?

Most people can. Whether family members, partners or colleagues, you can meet toxic people anywhere.

Dealing with those people can be particularly tricky when they are in a position of great influence, and annoyance can turn into bullying or (non-physical) domestic abuse.

We know what that is like, because we have been there.

We are here to tell you that you can move past these toxic relationships and you can thrive at life!

The founders of the website are all survivors. We began our healing journey together years ago, and wish to share the support and relationships we have found through that process.

We are not here to sell you a certain path to healing. We are not counselors or lawyers. We are here to listen to your story, and to share our own. We talk about methods that worked for us, share what we have learned, link to resources we found useful, but mostly we listen.

“It was great not having to start my story with: It may sound crazy, but…”

Who Runs the Show? That Would Be Us

Wanda Goodman


Wanda is a successful business woman, mother and grandmother. Her search for peace amid the chaos and dysfunction of her parental relationships led her to become a founding member of the SwanWaters.com website. Her journey of healing is ongoing.

Mags Thomson

Operations Manager

Mags has worked for numerous charities in Europe. When the relationship with her parents went from bad to worse, she found help from women with similar stories. She is happy to pay it forward as a founding member of the SwanWaters.com website.

Lisa L. Hockett

Content Engagement/Contributing Author

Lisa helped thousands of survivors worldwide for two years on her previous site, Emotional Abuse Survivors Network.
She made peace with a toxic marriage experience and, if her daughters are any indication, has successfully stopped the cycle.

Why Call it SwanWaters?

The story of the Ugly Duckling tells about the outcast duckling that is attacked for being different. When he leaves his duck family he feels horrible and actually believes that something is wrong with him. But after the winter is past, he finds out he has grown into a beautiful gracious swan.

We relate to that feeling or believe that something is wrong with us, that feeling of being unlovable. We were all made to feel like an Ugly Duckling. We wanted to create a place where Ugly Ducklings can become the Swans they truly are.

It's Amazing to be Supported


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