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Need help dealing with the reality of abuse?

Leaving is not always an immediate option. Learn strategies to cope and begin empowering yourself even when still interacting with your abuser.

If you are looking for ways to cope and gain strength, this is the place for you.

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  • Learn strategies to cope and limit the effects of abuse
  • Begin empowering yourself
  • Learn to set and maintain boundaries
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Below is an overview of articles that will help you apply what you are learning to your own situation and develop skills to cope and begin empowering yourself in order to begin healing yourself and your life. Join our Community of Survivors to talk about what’s going on and receive their support to keep going.

2 2 Understanding the Abuse

Understanding the Abuse

Develop your skills to recognize the abuse for what it is. Often we are so used to the way our abuser targets us, that we normalize what is going on (in order to protect ourselves and our mental health, too).

The Abuse Dictionary

Understanding Tactics Of Abuse As Defense

Why We Should Call Abuse Abuse

Women Are From Earth, Men Are From Earth (podcast)

2 2 Begin Your Healing

Begin Your Healing

Now that you are becoming aware of the abuse, you will want to make the first steps towards healing yourself and your life.

10 Ways to Start Your Healing Journey

Breaking Through the Denial 

From Denial to Healing – Practical Advice For Your Journey

Feeling Connected 

Healing With Mindfulness
The Basics of Coping With Emotional Abuse

Working the Journey in the Dark

2 3 Handling Stressful Situations

Handling Stressful Situations

While dealing with toxic people you are going to have your buttons pushed, you are going to feel stressed. Rather than denying or fearing that stress, start learning some strategies that will help you cope.

5 Ways Not to Stress About Stress!

5 Ways to a Happier Mind

9 Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Even a Tea Kettle Lets Off Steam

9 Ways to Deal with Christmas Overwhelm (webinar)

3 Hacks to Deal with the Holidays (how to stay calm when dealing with family gatherings)

Find more resources here (or these, especially for Holiday stress)

2 4 managing boundaries

Effectively Managing Boundaries

To protect yourself from an abuser, you need create boundaries in your life. Learning to maintain (mental and emotional) distance between you and the abuser reduces their ability to effectively target you, and gives you space to begin healing. As ever: if you are still in the abusive situation, be aware that creating distance often leads to the abuser increasing their efforts. Make sure you keep yourself safe!

How Limited Contact Can Work Like a Shield

Ariel’s Nemesis: 3 Ways to Be a Boring Target

Changing the Channel – 5 Ways to Cut the Drama 

Setting Boundaries against Emotional Bullies

4 Tips to Enforce Your Own Mental Boundaries

Maintaining Boundaries at Work

Veiled Boundaries – Protecting Yourself While Still Subject to the Abuse

Workplace Bullying

The What, Why & How of Boundaries

Find more resources on boundaries here.

2 5 selfcare and empowerment

Self-Care & Self-Empowerment

Be Kind to Yourself

Damn You, Jane Austen! Grieving the Loss of the Dream

Don’t Wait For the Emotional Storms to Pass…

Meditation Without Meditating

Self-Sabotage: Trust Yourself Tomorrow 

Take Back Your Happiness

Who Are You? – A Story of Duality and Unsung Heroes

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