Coming from a toxic family, which although outwardly gave the appearance of being a close knit family, was indeed very dysfunctional, I wanted to find people who I could love and be loved back by.

Discovering a New Family

This is my family of choice and over the last few years I have discovered many such people who I value and who care about me. It doesn’t matter what our backgrounds were, the age difference between us, the color of our skin, rich or poor we are all joined together by the need to belong, the validation of being understood, to be connected and to share love.

A Swan for All Seasons

The reason for the success of my new family of swans is that none of us want to feel superior to another, we feel happy for each others achievements and celebrate them. We support whichever one of is feeling weak or unhappy, and it doesn’t matter what day or time of day it is, there is always someone who will share that moment with you.

Lonesome Swans

If people cannot or do not feel connected to others they can become depressed. They isolate themselves, and the longer it lasts the harder it is to change the pattern. With my family of choice there is never any need to go through that experience and instead we begin to thrive and automatically reach out for our loved ones who never fail us.

My Swan Family

By sharing love, respect and kindness, we can change our dismal pasts to a bright new future. After all, there is nothing as good as family.

I want to tell you all how much I love and appreciate each and every one of you, you beautiful swans.

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