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Earlier this week, the SwanWaters team extended our Facebook presence. Of course we already had our Facebook page, where we share memes and links to our articles and resources. We really liked the interaction there, and wanted to give more people an opportunity to interact with us. Besides, Facebook is full of wonderful resources, funny memes and inspirational quotes, and it is not always practical to share them here. So rather than just sharing them within our team, and have a giggle – we decided to include all of you in our Facebook fun.

So, feel free to join us in the brand spanking new Facebook group: SwanWaters – Life Beyond Toxic People.

We will invite you to share your favorite toxic people jokes or the most inspirational quotes. We will also be giving your journal some juice with writing cues, and of course we will share some of our own thoughts and experiences.

What About SwanWaters?

Nothing will change on SwanWaters. We will still have our private and secure platform where you can share you story and receive feedback from your peers. Use the forum as your journal, to process your story and further your insight. Share incidents as they happen and have your fellow-survivors cheer you on. Or share your success stories and we will all celebrate with you (remember why celebrating is so important?)

Journaling is such an effective tool to healing. It is a way to make sense of your thoughts and memories, and allows you to make connections that you did not previously see. Using the forum for that type of writing allows you to do that in a private and secure environment. It means you can go back and read previous entries again, because that is a great way to monitor AND progress you healing. Possibly the greatest bonus is that you will receive feedback, support, validation and advice from people who “get it”, because they have been where you are. Regardless of how far we have come along our healing journey, we always have healing and insight to offer each other.

We are also still adding more content, and have some pretty awesome projects and special for members we are still working on.

So, if you haven’t already, join SwanWaters today for immediate access to great resources and a private place to journal.

Where Else Do I Find SwanWaters

SwanWaters is not only on Facebook. We are also present on other social media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram. One great place to find resources, is our Pinterest feed. We are there daily to share quotes, articles… you name it.

Visit Swan Waters’s profile on Pinterest.

In short, there is plenty of places to find us, get resources and interact with our team.

We look forward to meeting you all!

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  1. Profile photo of Michael Ballard
    Michael Ballard

    December 22, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    It is very exciting to become a part of the SwanWaters team.


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