Help a Survivor

Is someone you know dealing with an abuser or toxic person?

It can be frustrating to try an help a friend who is struggling with abuse and recovery, when you don’t really knowing where to start. So we decided to bring some resources together especially for the helpers and supporters.

Reading through some of the other resources to increase your knowledge and understanding will make it easier for your friend (or family member) to share their thoughts and feelings. Our Miniblog may be a great place to start with just that.

Our Top 3 Resources

12 Ways to Support Abuse VIctims Never Tell Me to Forgive and Forget! Darkness Cannot Drown Out Darkness

Helping Understanding Abuse

Understanding Abuse

How Can I Make a Target See the Abuse

The Ultimate Guide for Responding To Abuse

A Perspective on Domestic Abuse

Why Did She Not Leave? – 4 Forms of Imprisonment in Toxic Relationships

Help a Target Become a Survivor

Ssst! Don’t Talk About the Abuser Next Door

Helping Love a Survivor

Loving a Target or Survivor of Abuse

10 Tips For Supporting Someone With PTSD

Finding Yourself in a Toxic Family

In-law Issues

Supporting Your Swan (podcast)

Supporting Your Swan – Part 2 (podcast)

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