Limited contact does not always work, it is tricky to maintain. Toxic people are notorious for not respecting your boundaries, so why would they this time?

I was talking to a friend recently, who has greatly limited contact with her family. She cut way down on the time she spends around them, and the time they get to spend with her, too. Over the years, she has figured out and put into place a way of dealing with her emotionally unavailable parents and traumatized siblings. It works for her in a way that it would never have worked for me, with my family. Sometimes she calls me, when a family member launches a particularly strong assault on her boundaries, but that is becoming more and more rare.

The conversation made me think, though, about limited contact and how it can work for people.

Limited Contact Is Not Always Enough

I just want to start with this point (before I have 10 people jumping down my throat): limited contact does not always work. In fact, I think it is very tricky to maintain. Toxic people are after all notorious for not respecting your boundaries, so why would they stay behind this line?

I think there are a few elements that determine its success.

Is the toxic person ignoring or an engulfing type of person?

My family is very engulfing. What that means is that they will swallow you whole when you extend them even the smallest bit of attention. It is not attention or interest that sweeps you up, but a type of entitlement. They feel they are entitled to know your business, to criticize you, and to interfere with you life. They act as if they own you, and that it is their right to have access to you.

If you are dealing with an abuser like that, limited contact will be impossible to maintain.

What is your role within the toxic dynamic?

As we have often discussed, there are various roles in the abuse dynamic—outside of the abuser and the target. Like the abuser’s spouse, or the target’s siblings. Some of these players in the dynamic will never want to leave it, like for example The Golden Child. The person most likely to want to leave is The Scapegoat—the main target for the abuse. Now unless the abuser has a new target all lined up and ready to go, they are not going to let you just walk off into the sunset. If that target is you, this will make no contact hard to achieve, but limited contact harder to enforce.

What is their relationship to you?

The setting of the abusive situation will determine its effect on you, and therefore the choices you will make about limiting or breaking contact. Maybe you feel socially pressured to make certain choices. Or perhaps you don’t see your abuser that often anyway, and would prefer to let sleeping dogs lie. Just remember that you are completely in your right to make your own choices, change your mind, and readjust your course.

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Having gained experience while working for a variety of European non-profits, I am proud to now work with SwanWaters. My connection with the website is not only professional. I am glad to tap into my personal experiences to help those who are living in toxic relationships whether with parents, partners or in their professional life. We need to make the world more aware of the devastating effects of emotional abuse and help more people on their way to heal and thrive.

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Limited contact does not always work, it is tricky to maintain. Toxic people are notorious for not respecting your boundaries, so why would they this time?


  1. Profile photo of Snodove

    February 12, 2017 at 7:11 pm

    I found this article very good and I need to study more on toxic sister. I think I have the type of relationships wont be possible for boundaries much but I have to do something. My sister leaves me alone but then she hits me unaware… boom. … so.more studyintlg. I wish I was clever but I dont my sister and honestly I dont want to

    • Profile photo of Monkey

      February 14, 2017 at 7:43 pm

      This is about consistency more than cleverness. Try not to become too anxious about it either, you don’t want to feel stress from “performance anxiety” on top of the stress of dealing with a toxic person. Be kind to yourself ♥

    • Profile photo of Shell

      February 21, 2017 at 4:20 pm

      yes me too exactly! i have isolated myself from my parents AND sister due to her “rage” and cornering me….i want to build up resilience, and the thought of doing something with any of them stresses me out. and of course, they all think i’m crazy, and my sister has denied treating me this way, and everyone seems to believe her. or think i should just “move on”. for the sake of the family. i’m so tired of taking it, and them denying behaviors and blaming me, yet i feel lost, like i “should” do something. i have been the scapegoat, and fixer, responsible for all of them. i’m so glad to have found this group, and please let me know, if you’d like, snodove, how things are going for you? thanks all!


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