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Abuse, and the many varied effects it has on your, is incredibly difficult to understand for people who have not experienced it themselves.

That is why connecting with fellow-survivors can be such a liberating experience.

“It was great not having to start my story with: It may sound crazy, but…”

Reading and learning about abuse and recovery is important, but nothing is as soothing to the soul as support and validation from people who really get it.

“Thank you, all you guys! You had me in tears! It is amazing to be supported and understood and believed. This is crazy business no doubt but it really does help to have people who get it. Thank you!”

Connecting with a community of survivors will make all the difference, and helps you move from surviving to thriving.

“I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for your support. At first when I started to share the news about my mother’s passing I wasn’t sure that the site could help me but boy was I wrong and happy to admit it too…

I realize now I have been missing out on love, support and resources that to be honest are now helping me spread my wings, perhaps I was meant to go through all this to see that now!”

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You membership ensures that:
  • You feel safe to share your story in a private forum, away from the prying eyes of bullies.
  • We can invest in editors and authors who can provide useful resources and support.
What you get:
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Frequently Asked Questions

30-day Money Back Guarantee?

That’s right. If you are unable to cancel your subscription, just send us an email and we’ll help.


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We totally understand – and because of that, we created a ‘glossary’ page. See the glossary for more help.

Scholarships or financial assistance?

Yes. Both do exist. Please email us for more information.


What about privacy?

Private content and all community posts are hidden from non-members. We understand.


Where Can I Find More FAQs?

Check out our entire page of FAQs. We’ll continue to add more – let us know if you have an addition.

What is ‘chat’ and how does it work?

That’s a long answer so please read the answer here on the FAQs page.


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