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The past two entries to the Swan Blog we read the stories and insights of two of our wonderful guest bloggers.

Over the last few months we have reach out to people all over the world to write for SwanWaters. Whether from their personal experience or professional expertise (or both), our guest bloggers share their unique view on abuse and abuse recovery.

Here are some of more wonderful entries:

Breaking Through the Denial

by Ese Walters

Angry Couple

Until three years ago, I had never heard the term “narcissist.”

I also didn’t realize emotional or psychological abuse existed. I grew up in an environment where this type of abuse is pretty normal. It was only after I met someone who displayed many of the traits of narcissists, that I began to consider the fact that there exists a sort of evil in the world that nothing could have prepared me for.

A Story of Duality and Unsung Heroes

by Sandra Rios Vital

Sleeping Angel

Have you ever asked yourself: who am I? Looked at yourself in the mirror. Saw a vaguely familiar face. Yet it did not feel like you. Not at all…

The Duality of Abuse

Alas most of you can relate to the duality of living with abuse. For the outside world, you are the same professional, ever cheerful, go-getting lady. Showing up for work, doing the best you can – even more so than ever.

Healing With Mindfulness

by Bob Brotchie

Always Take Care of Yourself FirstIt is reasonable to establish that we will never, nor should we, forget the neglect and abuse of another. Is it then possible to retain the memories that might help keep us safe? But with less emotion and healthier beliefs about our sense of self-esteem? 

We are always looking for more guest bloggers.
Read more about this opportunity here.

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