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Below is an Overview of Our Services, Both Paid and Free

The financial contributions through donations, the membership fee and the sale of our Kindle Publications are all used to maintain a safe virtual environment for survivors to share and heal. It also allows us to provide scholarships for survivors in need. It further allows us to continue creating content and products to help survivors heal and raise awareness about domestic violence and trauma recovery.


Services - Forum

Community of Survivors

SwanWaters is first and foremost a place for survivors of abuse to connect. Talk to people who know what it’s like because they have been there, too. You can help each other on your journey to healing and celebrate the new life you are building.

“It was great not having to start my story with: It may sound crazy, but…”


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Free Services

Services - Articles

Articles, Podcasts, and Blog Posts

The website is full of freely accessible information and practical advice about abuse and recovery.

Find the resources most relevant to your life by checking out the Where to Start Page, or look through all our resources in our article archives.

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Services - PSHP

Every week Mags will share some of her ideas, tools and skills about abuse and recovery in small, pint-sized chunks of healing.

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Services - Daily Journal Juice

Daily Journaling Juice

Every day we’ll email you a phrase, a quote, a thought… it can be anything. Use it as a starting point for writing, or just for some contemplation.

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Services - WYH

Write Your Happiness

Join Mags on a 7-day journey with this free e-course. Sign up below and you will receive the 7 lessons in the e-course in your inbox. It is a great introduction to writing as a tool for healing. Journaling will help you process your memories and emotions, and Mags shares some valuable information from her book Finding Your Wings.

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