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Bodies in the Basement: A Serial Story for Survivors of Abuse

by Aubrey Cole
This is my life. In these pages you will see the chronicling of my journey from deliverance to liberation to recovery from abuse. If you are a survivor, I promise that you will see yourself. If you aren’t sure whether you are in an abusive relationship, I hope that my stories will help you to discern your own situation with clarity.

This collection comprises over two years of my writing for a support site I started years after I had finally ended my marriage. I promised myself at the time that I would keep the writing raw, so that others having the same experiences could feel that I was able to truly understand them, for so few people do.

I have designed this to be read as a situational resource. In other words, whatever you are facing in the moment can probably be addressed by one of the specific sections. Each essay has information that takes time to internalize, so a little at a time is best. This also means you can re-read each entry multiple times to get the most out of it, when you really need it. If you do it right, recovery from abuse is a special kind of grieving process. You have to get through the grief to find your strength and give the abuser a giant middle finger.

Finding Your Wings: A Journaling Journey of Abuse Recovery

by Mags Thomson
You might think that journaling for emotional healing sounds too good to be true. Can simply putting pen to paper actually help you make sense of your story? Can it really help you recover from abuse? Is it possible that doing something as simple as writing can help to create healthy emotional balance? Short answer? Yes!

This book is based on my own experiences and learning. And I have filled it with some of my favorite techniques and resources in the hope that you might find them useful.

This is intended to become your own document. So, please, add your own ideas, stories, and insights. Use it to journal, collect ideas, and to keep track of your own resources. Get a deeper understanding of yourself, your past experiences, and how you can move from surviving to thriving.

What, Why and How of Healthy Boundaries

by Michael Ballard and Mags Thomson
Boundaries are particularly important within recovery because abusers don’t accept boundaries. Typically they see their targets as an extension of themselves. While recovering from abuse boundaries often remain problematic for survivors. Learn more about the importance of boundaries and how you can practice setting and maintaining them.

20 Traits of Emotional Abusers

by Mags Thomson
One thing that I have learned while working with SwanWaters, is that while survivors may be thousands of miles apart, the strategies used by bullies and emotional abuser are eerily similar.

It doesn’t matter what you call them our parent or our partner, whether we refer to them as our abuser, a bully or a toxic person (in fact I use these three labels interchangeably). There seems very little difference in how the abuse is perpetrated. The behaviors, strategies, games… they are all varieties on the same theme.

Are you dealing with a bully or an emotional abuser in your life? Are you not sure? This book will give you some insight in the typical behaviors and tactics that emotional abusers use against their targets.

No Contact & Abuse Recovery

by Aubrey Cole and Mags Thomson
Going No Contact is the process of cutting contact with an abuser or toxic person in order to protect yourself from their influence. It is often the only option for a survivor to really move on and heal from the abusive relationship.

It is often a complex decision for the target, in part because it is so greatly misunderstood by outsiders. They often see the decision to go no contact as a form of revenge or punishment, which makes it even more difficult and complex for the target to implement this ultimate act of self-care.

I did not have close loving ties to my family, I had nothing but sticky stinky strings.

In order to help your understanding, and support you in your decision to go no contact, here are some resources on the topic.

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We have created a store on Redbubble.com with a variety of fun products. All proceeds are used for the running of this website.

We have created a store on Redbubble.com with a variety of fun products. All proceeds are used for the running of this website.

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