mother embraces daughter

Emotional abuse may be an elusive concept to many, for people who have been on the receiving end it is only too tangible. The effects of emotional or narcissistic abuse are many, and healing from these can be challenging.

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“Over the last years I realise more and more that the constant feedback of me being lazy, undisciplined, self-centred and fat (as the main themes) prevented me from being a confident person, and for a long time stopped me from being a successfully independent adult.”

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I am in my early fifties and have always known there was something wrong with my mother. My mother never encouraged me to be what I wanted, rather to be what she wanted me to be. I was the family caretaker, the empathiser, the fixer and confidante instead of ever being a daughter who was loved.

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Swan Flying

For so many wasted years I stayed close to my mother, because I thought who on earth would look after her if I didn’t? Well I had other siblings, but I always felt that it was me she relied on. Looking back I can see that is how she made me feel and I probably wanted to live up to that expectation, then she would know I was a good daughter.

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