toxic romance

In today’s podcast we focus on toxic romance, in other words emotionally abusive romantic relationships. Although these relationships show many parallels to the toxicity that victims experience with trouble parents, there are also differences. Most obviously is that a toxic romance is a chosen relationship. That often leads to the question: why did you not just leave? Well, the dynamics that rule toxic romance are rather complex!

We asked two of our volunteers about their experiences with toxic partners.They share their thoughts and experiences about relationship red flags, the influence of their upbringing and talk about their healing journey.


We went a bit longer than expected so we’ve broken this up into two parts :)

Approximately 30 minutes each

Part 1

(right-click here to download)

Part 2

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Some Links on Toxic Romance:

You can find Stephen’s Blog here: The Narcissist’s Son

Aubrey Cole suggests you have a look at

Aubrey Cole’s book ‘Bodies in the Basement’ is still being edited, we will add a link here once it is available.

During the podcast Aubrey mentions The Empathy Trap‘ — we highly recommend.


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