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The SwanWaters team members are all survivors, and we have been through the highs and lows or healing. We have created The Healing Academy to help you build a new life. We share the skills we learned while coming to terms with our dysfunctional past, and taking our own lives from permanent survival mode to life-affirming tranquility.

We can help you with anything from free resources and self-study to one-on-one mentoring with our head healing cheerleader, Mags Thomson!
No matter where you are in your healing journey at SwanWaters we got your back.
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It’s All About Learning To Thrive

They say we repeat what we do not heal, and they are right. If we keep following the same patterns, having the same thoughts, we will end up in different versions of the same situation. Doing the work required to move beyond toxic, traumatic and dysfunctional relationships is hard. But doing this work will prevent you from repeating the same patterns over and over again.

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