I love a little time spend scrolling through my Instagram feed. Here are 10 of my favorite posts about boundaries.

I love a little time spend scrolling through my Instagram feed. Here are 10 of my favorite posts about boundaries.

#1. –  To Honor Me

The lesson that boundaries are about you, and not about the other person can be a difficult one to sink in. Still, it is something that has to become part of your very being.

#2. – Energy Overload

When your boundaries are crossed, you may feel drained or overwhelmed. That is because the energy of other people interferes with your own. So, center your energy before letting people back in.

#3. – Important Lines To Draw

None of the boundaries are selfish or weird. They really should be part of your self-care practice.

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It's not always easy to assert our boundaries – it can feel like we're being selfish, or self-indulgent. Boundaries are important though. Our needs are just as important as anyone else’s, and boundaries allow us to make sure our needs are met. They also signal to others what behaviour we will and will not accept. 📷 @lizandmollie Image description: Illustration on a light blue background. At the top of the image, in black and white, is the title, which says 'Important Lines To Draw'. Underneath the title there are three drawings of a hand holding a pen. The first hand has light-toned skin, and is holding a black pen. The hand has drawn a line, and above that line, has written "I Need Some Alone Time". The second hand has dark-toned skin, and is holding a blue pen. The hand has drawn a line, and above that line, has written "I Can't Take This On Right Now". The third hand has mid-toned skin, and is holding a yellow pen. The hand has also drawn a line, and above that line, has written "I Am Allowed To Feel Feelings". The artist of this image is @lizandmollie

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#4. – Happiness I Am Responsible For

Of course, you want the people you love to be happy, and you will certainly contribute to that. You are however not responsible for their happiness, just like they are not responsible for yours.

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As much as we'd like to, we can't make other people happy. It's not our responsibility to constantly try and please others, or to second-guess what they might be thinking or feeling. Being kind is one thing, but we need to be careful that we're not sacrificing our own needs, wants and boundaries at the same time. 📷 @skybanyes Image description: Black and white illustration. There's a sentence in black handwriting-like text which says 'Those whose happiness you are responsible for' Below this is a piechart, with an accompanying key to signify that the white part of the chart represents 'others', while the black part of the chart represents 'your own'. The piechart is entirely black, with no white section. The artist of this image is @skybanyes

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#5. – Energy Vampire

Maybe you can try sticking those fangs under your pillow… just in case the tooth fairy has a use for them 😜

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🧛‍♂️😷 Jokes aside, setting boundaries doesn’t often produce immediate gratification or ”instant karma.” But why is that? A key reason is that good boundaries disrupt habitual patterns — that is, patterns of relationship that occur on autopilot. Boundaries, therefore, can produce a wide range of experience in us and others as old patterns break down, including anger, anxiety, stonewalling, guilt, shame, etc. But more fundamentally, beneath these varied reactions, what we’re left with is space — space for something new and more conscious to emerge, whether in this relationship or another. Either way, this process takes time, so my hope is this joke helps you feel some immediate gratification, alongside more trust that benefits will come.

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#6. – Listen

Trust your intuition when it comes to your boundaries. The more you listen, the more accurate it will become!

#7. – Until People Have Crossed Them

It’s okay to learn where your boundaries are through trial and error. That also means it is okay to enforce boundaries you didn’t use to have… you are allowed to grow, learn and heal.

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#Repost @sanitysoap • • • • • Learning about healthy boundaries has been a very important part of improving my mental health. As a recovering “people pleaser” and “caregiver” it is really challenging to notice what my boundaries are and then even harder to communicate them to others, especially when it means possibly making other people unhappy. However I am getting better at sitting in that discomfort of not “pleasing” and instead taking care of myself. It’s a slowwwww process though, and usually it’s more like this drawing where I don’t notice until after the fact. Awareness is the first step though 🙂. . . . . . #boundaries #healthyboundaries #settingboundaries #peoplepleaser #recoveringpeoplepleaser #caregiver #breakingpatterns #retrainyourbrain #interpersonalskills #interpersonalrelationships #effectivecommunication #communication #selfcare #selflove #mentalhealth #mentalhealthart #art #illustration #cartoon #comic #drawing • • • • • #compassion #selfcompassion #radicalselflove #embodiment #embodied #listentoyourbody #consent #consentculture

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#8. – No

No is a complete sentence and one that can really set you free!


#9. – Priority

You really need to make it to the top of your list. You cannot take care of anyone or anything else if you are not taking care of yourself.

#10. – On Fire

Like I said (but I felt it bore repeating) you need to look after yourself. That’s why boundaries are so very important. You need to protect yourself in every way necessary, in order to be happy and in order to contribute to the lives of those you love.

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