We all know moments when the only thing that will do is a quiz. I stumbled on: Which Beatles Song Best Describes Your Life? I got: All You Need Is Love.

Everybody knows those moments of boredom (although I prefer to think of it as relaxation) when the only thing that will do is a random personality quiz that one of your friends on Facebook has just completed. How did you die in a previous life? Which superhero are you most like? Or which dog breed are you?

I stumbled across: Which Beatles Song Best Describes Your Life? After answering a few random questions I got: All You Need Is Love.

There’s Nothing You Can Do That Can’t Be Done

I have been thinking a lot about this song recently. Your partner, your parent, and your siblings should love you. Shouldn’t that be the basis of the relationships we have? We have an expectation of love being present in these relationships. Love, especially from romantic partners and family members, gives us validation. Support and empathy feed our confidence, our self-esteem, and help us deal with the challenges in life.

Nothing You Can Sing That Can’t Be Sung

Living in a home without love is so detrimental. When that love is absent and even replaced by the toxic needs of our abuser, we learn to misinterpret love. We learn that love hurts, that love means tolerating put-downs, that love comes with strings attached. We learn not to love ourselves. We learn that we are failures. We gradually start to believe that we are incapable of anything. Emotional abuse is a gradual process in which we slowly but surely lose our voices. Our abuser makes us doubt our inner-voice and makes us scared to speak our minds.

Nothing You Can Do, But You Can Learn How To Be You In Time

And so, recovering from emotional abuse means finding your voice. By sharing our stories on SwanWaters, we help each other. We learn how to deal with our memories. We give each other suggestions on how to deal with our abusers, too. The love of fellow survivors gives us validation, builds our self-esteem, and gives us the confidence to be our own person.

I honestly think the Beatles were not that far off when they said:

All You Need Is Love (Papapapada)

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Having gained experience while working for a variety of European non-profits, I am proud to now work with SwanWaters. My connection with the website is not only professional. I am glad to tap into my personal experiences to help those who are living in toxic relationships whether with parents, partners or in their professional life. We need to make the world more aware of the devastating effects of emotional abuse and help more people on their way to heal and thrive.

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  1. Monkey

    October 25, 2014 at 10:31 pm

    I got Strawberry Fields Forever. Not quite as inspired but still a good tune 😀


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