Cancel Your New Years Resolutions

Hello and Happy New Years to you and yours.

I trust you had a wonderful holiday time. Yes? Lots of family, friends, and festivities I bet. How very wonderful!

No? Drats. Too much darned drama? Well it does happen within the best of families.

Ultimate Gifts Instead Of New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year. Based on years of guilt—oh, wait I mean tradition!—we feel we are supposed to make New Years Resolutions and goals to better our lives. However, we know that does not work for most of us. So, as a reformed New Years Resolution Goal Setter, let’s talk. Don’t set those regular goals. Instead let’s talk about setting some goals worth attaining; free to do,. and possessing the potential to offer a very large payback for our health and the health of our family.  I call them The Big Three!

The Big Three

>> Sleep is the first one. Most of us don’t get enough sleep/high quality sleep. There is a large price we pay if we don’t give ourselves a high quality night’s sleep. Oh, I know! Kids, work, neighbors, hobbies, and cleaning can get in the way. However, sleep helps restore us mentally, emotionally, and physically. So it’s really worth the investment considering that it can support all the other areas of our lives.

So if you’re not waking up feeling relaxed and energized after a night’s sleep 6 out of 7 nights a week, then it’s time for a change. Note I said 6 out of 7. The goal is not perfection but excellence. So cut back on the TV and/or coffee, go to bed 90 minutes earlier, and work in some exercise and stretching for a few minutes everyday. Walk the stairs, walk to the store, or bike when the weather permits. Also consider using a little caution on what you eat or drink for your dinner—you don’t want the last thing you ate interrupting your sleep due to indigestions. Ask me about my love of hot and spicy Thai food and interrupted sleep when we meet!

>> Develop and deepen your inner calmness through working meditation into your everyday life. You can do it through walking, eating (Think Slow Food movement), exercising, or enjoying your hobbies. In fact, just about anything that requires an even tempo can be really soothing. Slow that tempo down to under 72 beats a minute.  Add slow music and it will help bring you back to a slower pace.

>> Last and not least of the Big Three is relaxation

My favourite way to relax is, well, I fibbed. I don’t have one favourite way to relax. I have several. I find that exercise helps, playing music, hiking, walking, baking, Epsom salts baths with peppermint oil, reading,underwater swimming, dimmable lights, and candles. All these things help me lower my heart rate and breath a little deeper and slower. So what do you do for 12 – 20 minutes at least once a day to slow down? It’s a very restorative and rejuvenating gift to give yourself.

Lets Wrap This Up!

It’s possible that you think but, but BUT I don’t have time for any of this. Well, The Big Three offer skills and mindsets with very large pay backs. The gifts of better health, concentration, focus, productivity, and happiness are all wrapped up inside these three mindsets, behaviors, and skills. Each helps build on the other. They will help you feel restored, relaxed,and renewed. Better yet they don’t cost any money! Give yourself the gift of The Big Three!


Michael Ballard
Michael is an author, speaker, trainer, and consultant. He travels the world helping people learn how to add more resilience into their lives at home, work and community. Michael specializes in helping people, families, organizations and community’s learn how to thrive with resiliency. Resilience is a process, a set of key assets, skills and beliefs that can change our lives. Resiliency can changes the quality of our journey and often the quality of the outcomes. Connect with Michael on Twitter and Facebook or check his website for more information. Michael's new book "The Gift" is due out in later winter 2016.

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  1. Michael Ballard

    January 15, 2016 at 6:49 pm

    Pleased to be here. Do let me know what you think.
    Remember #resilience helps us improve the quality of our journey and often the outcomes.
    Thank you for the opportunity.


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