Ugh, a workplace bully is bad enough, even if they are not your manager! I am really sorry to hear you are struggling so much at the moment. We all experience stress from time to time, and we all have days where we could just punch our manager’s lights out. But those moods pass and we cope and move on (and we mostly do not punch people, just our pillows).

When you get into a situation where you are dealing with a workplace bully, the mood does not pass. I bet you feel just that little bit worse every day?

Trust me, no job is worth crying for. I understand that you love what you do, but if the environment you do it in, is causing you this much stress and anxiety… then this is not the right job for you.
It can’t be your dream job if it makes you cry to go in every morning.

Leaving your job is tough, and it may not be an option financially. Start looking out for another position though, and in the meantime…?

Start documenting attacks. Start making a file of evidence. This can be emails between you and your boss, it can be you writing down interactions (do this is close to the time as possible to be accurate), any correspondence between you and for example your HR department about what is going on. Just start filing things away. This will help you prepare if this situation ends up in court.

Start putting some money by. If the situation at work continues to get worse, you may have no choice to quit. So having a little nest egg can make all the difference.
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Start seeing a counselor. You are obviously not in a good place right now, so getting professional support to improve you mental health is important. This will help you become more resilient, and that will help you feel stronger and more in control when dealing with this workplace bully!
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