• Will the charge to SwanWaters show up on my Credit Card Statement?
    Unfortunately, yes it will. Although we understand how this may be an issue, given the online nature of our organisation there is not much we can do about how we charge you. Here are some ideas to deal with that issue:

    • Create a Pay Pal account that is not connected to your credit card.
    • Apply for your own credit card. This can also help you build up a credit score should the time come for you to escape your abusive situation (more on that here)
    • Ask a trusted friend to help you out with the charge (they could even help you by paying some money into your Pay Pal account)

    In the meantime, check out our free resources here.

  • I Can’t Afford the Healing Academy Membership, What Can I Do?
    Funds can be tight, especially when you are building up your life after abuse. We have been there, and we understand. At the same time, we want to assure you that investing in your healing, is an important element of building a new life. That means investing time, energy and also money. Here are some options and consideration to help you:

    • Email our staff to discuss options for a payment plan.
    • Ask for friends, family or community members to help out.
    • Start with smaller investments, like buying only the module that you feel is most appropriate to your current situation.

    In the meantime, check out our free resources here.

  • Is SwanWaters a Religious Organisation?
    We are not a religious organisation, and it is something we are quite specific about. Since many of the members, and even some of our team members, are survivors of religious abuse we are committed to maintaining a spiritually neutral environment.

    We understand that spirituality is an important part of life, and of our healing journey. Still, we want people from all walks of life to feel welcome and safe. Therefore, we ask our members to refrain from using religious concepts and phrases when discussing their spiritual healing (we give examples of that when you join The Healing Academy Community).

  • What About My Privacy?
     Your privacy is safe with us. Your email address remains hidden. Your profile you will set up contains as much information as you want to share. If you want to know exactly how and why we collect information, please read our privacy policy.

    If you join The Healing Academy Community, you will be asked for your email and username to join the dedicated Facebook Group. This information will only be visible to the SwanWaters team, and we only use it to make sure that group access is restricted to our members. Of course, within the Facebook group, we are bound by the privacy regulations of Facebook, but the team is very present in the group, so if you have any concerns please do contact us.

    Also, it bears reminding that, f you are using a shared computer or handheld device, you will want to make sure you log out of accounts so that other people cannot access your personal information.

  • How Do I Update My Profile?
     Click on ‘Profile’ in the upper right corner of the page. On the next page, click ‘Profile’ under where your picture is (or would go). Next, click on “Edit’ and you are on your way!!

    Change your name, location, hobbies, language preference, and your ‘about me’ description – all in this same place!

  • I Have Another Question
    Cool! We are open to questions, so let us know. Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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