Group Courses

Do you want to learn with a small group of your fellow survivors? Sharing your experiences and insights, cheering each other on and building friendships that will make your healing journey much easier to handle. It’s all happening in the upcoming Healing Academy Group Courses.

The group courses will include:

  • Weekly video calls, and access to replays
  • Support through a private community forum
  • Access to the relevant section of The Healing Academy

Mags is preparing two group courses:

Option 1: Understanding Abuse and Emotional Triggers – First round planned for 23 September – 30 November 2019

This course is aimed at people who are still in the early days of their healing and are trying to come to grips with what really happened. We focus on understanding how abuse is perpetrated, how it affects you and how you can cope with the emotional upheaval you may be experiencing. This course will be related to the Coping Skills Modules from The Healing Academy:

  • Understanding Abuse
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Mindfulness
  • PTSD
  • No Contact
Option 2: Transforming Your Inner-Voice and Building Self-Esteem – First round planned for 6 January – 14 March 2020

This course is aimed at people who have been out of the abuse for a while and are ready to move from surviving to thriving. We focus on transforming the way you talk to yourself and deal with feelings of shame and guilt. All the while building your confidence and self-esteem. This course will be related to the Healing Skills Modules from The Healing Academy:

  • Healing Mindset
  • Healing Tools
  • Journaling
  • Self-Care
  • Personal Identity
The courses will be priced at $479, but you can reserve your spot now for only $349
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