SwanWaters is a place where we share our stories and experiences in the hope and conviction that these can help you better navigate your way through your healing journey. We ask you to respect our vulnerability and the boundaries we have to maintain to be able to do this work.

While interacting with the team -whether on the site, on social media, in our Facebook Groups or anywhere else- we ask that you:

Refrain From Any And All Name-Calling, Bullying, Trolling Or Otherwise Negative Behaviors

Seriously, we are done with the bullies. We know where the delete and block options are kept, and we are not afraid to use them.

Don’t Engage Us In Politics

We have opinions, ideas, and convictions, but this is neither the time or place. We are not affiliated with specific political ideas or parties, and welcome survivors from across the political spectrum.

Stay Away From Religion!

We don’t need evangelizing or saving, thanks. As survivors of religious abuse, this is a highly triggering subject for some on our team, and many of our community too. We work hard to create a spiritually neutral environment and strive to keep our language neutral and talk about spiritual healing in generic concepts and ideas.

Keep Bigotry To Yourself!

We love people for the love they hold in their hearts. We do not care about the color of their skin, the gender they identify with, or what bits they were born with or without. We sure as anything do not care who they are attracted to, what their relationship status is, or what clothes they like to wear. We love glitter and rainbows, deal with it.

Stop Trying To Sell Us Stuff

No thanks, we are not buying! Do you want to make a genuine connection and donate your knowledge? We LOVE genuine connections! Please head here to find out the details.

Privacy On SwanWaters

We love hearing your stories and experiences, but remind you that commenting on articles on the website means you are publicly sharing. If you want more privacy please join us in our Facebook Group.

Join the Free Facebook Group
Go to the Healing Academy Group (for members of the Healing Academy Plus Program)

Within the Facebook groups we are bound by and limited to the Facebook Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. We do our best to moderate the groups and invite members to highlight any concerns they have to our group admins and moderators using the tools provided in the group by Facebook. However, we remind members to also protect their own privacy. Make sure you review your privacy settings within the Facebook interface. Remember that the social media service can easily be accessed through mobile devices left unattended.

For more on privacy and the workings of SwanWaters, we refer you to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Concerns or Questions?

See our FAQs page or submit a question to our support team - we're here and happy to help.

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