Practising mindfulness is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful tools to access a change in perspective. If I am not my past, then who am I?

As a survivor of any trauma, we are inevitably ‘blessed’ with a tenacity for finding healthier relationships, raising self-esteem, and embedding some level of trauma resolution – and hopefully – to redefine our life narrative. Sometimes, on this journey, we might stumble across mindfulness. For me, this was ‘the key’ to unlocking my lack of identity, ideals, and place in this world. It finally gave me permissions to ‘let go’ of all that has been, the good and not so good. It allowed me to begin afresh and create what we are all entitled to, to live our life knowing that we are not required to be defined -or at least not entirely- by our past.

It’s a Rocky Journey

As with just about all important matters, turning these tumblers, having apparently found the keys is less than straightforward. Each individual is just that, and that means no one journey, or apparent solution will fit all or be the exact same for everyone.

Mindfulness As a Conduit

Being more mindful is a double-edged sword, at least in the early days and years of practice. Being more mindful creates a conduit for inquiry and consideration, but inevitably, with this, it can bring triggering memories, thoughts about those memories, and emotions that left unguarded can lead to sub-optimal behaviors.

Practising mindfulness is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful tools to access a change in perspective. For us to be more able to individuate ourselves from our trauma based narrative – and all the association this entails. But mindfulness isn’t a destination-seeking goal. Just being mindful is not enough, though it is powerful. After all, where can you find greater peace and groundedness than in the present moment, our only true reality?

Is Mindfulness Enough?

For some, yes. But for most, it is a route to make sense of the self, separate from the trauma-ego, find acceptance for what is and what was, over time. To create a new genuine persona and self that is only colored and perhaps defined by any given ‘now’.

If I am not my past, then who am I?

Why Keep What I Learned to Myself?

I found my peace and recreated myself to who I can be via mindful practice. It was what I had always been seeking. In growing out of my trauma narrative I went on to guide others via my private counseling practice in the UK. Additional tools have been added, such as trauma resolution processes for those dreadfully powerful ‘c’ and PTSD symptoms that are less amenable to talking therapies.  I could see no reason to keep what I had learned – and continue to learn to myself. So this year, I decided I could reach an even greater audience; the world!

I have just recently produced an online program “8 Weeks to Greater Emotional Stability – Your Mindful Journey”. I was so honored to have Mags accept my invitation to ‘test-drive’, along with some other valued connections. Their feedback now means that the program content offers the greatest value for the affordable price I’m offering it at. The 10th September sees the beginning of the first cohort of participants in the completed version and I am so excited to get this out there. At this time, there are still places available.

Thank you for reading, if you’d like to know more about the program, or would just like to reach out, do click the program link above.

Bob Brotchie
Bob is a successful private practice counsellor seeing individuals with anxiety related symptoms in person and online aged 8 and up from his office near Newmarket, Suffolk. He attributes his ‘later-life’ inner-peace to practicing mindfulness for everyday anxieties, past life trauma’s and the complexities of life. He shares mindfulness tips where appropriate with his clients - along with other psycho therapeutic models. A regular blogger for mental health matters and particularly ‘mindful approaches’ to life. Read more about Bob at
PS. If you are curious what Mags thought of the course, here is her review:

I was so happy to be on this course. I was looking for something to help me find a little more relaxation, and I figured learning mindfulness would give that moment of focus and time away from the screen for a little while every day. It did that, but it did far more than that. Yes, I felt more relaxed and more grounded. What happened mostly is that I gained more insight. I realized I was having thoughts and feelings that were just getting lost in the cacophony of life. The return to the present helped me identify some things that were just not working for me, and perhaps, more importantly, gave me the guts to stop doing them. That gave space for new ideas to emerge and new habits to begin to form. So often we are just dealing with our past or trying to plan for the future and we forget that we get to make choices in the here and now. With a little time every day, this course taught me the skills to bring my attention back to myself, rather than the bills, the to do list, the goals that I should be pursuing… If you are missing something and you are not sure what it is? Try this course. The skills you learn will give you the calm and space to answer the big questions!

Have fun! Mags

PS. Oh and Bob is just amazing and such a calm and positive influence in the world ♥

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