No Contact is the act of taking away the abuser’s ability to contact you. Learn more about what No Contact is, how it work and what to expect from it.

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“Going No Contact” is the process of cutting contact with an abuser or toxic person in order to protect yourself from their influence. This is not punishment for the abuser, but an act of self-defense. The act of taking away the abuser’s ability to contact you is often the only option to really move on and heal from the abusive relationship. No Contact creates a safe space for you to heal and create a life you love.

Cutting contact is often a complex decision, in part because it is so greatly misunderstood by outsiders. They often see the decision as a form of revenge, which makes it even more difficult and complicated to implement this ultimate act of self-care.

That is why we decided to dedicate an entire module to this process. This module contains the following:

  • What Is No Contact, and How Does It Come Into Abuse Recovery?
  • How Does No Contact Work?
  • Use Technology To Your Advantage
  • What to Expect From No Contact
  • Why No Contact Is Hard
  • How to Respond To People Who Just Don’t Understand
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