In this space, we are looking at the ins and outs of self-care. I will be giving you lots of ideas on how to build self-care into your daily life.

As survivors of abuse, we think that embracing anything that could make us feel better is selfish and wrong. Mostly because our abusers communicated to us—in some way, shape, or form—that we are undeserving of self-care, compassion, kindness, or even having our basic needs met. Whether through words or actions, the toxic and abusive people in our lives have convinced us that we aren’t worth any of these things. So when we do engage in self-care, it feels as if we’re over-indulging. But of course we’re not! What’s more likely the case is that we’re barely doing the minimum requirement of self-care because of how we were trained to prioritize our abusers while we were in a relationship with them.

In this space, we are looking at the ins and outs of self-care.  I will be giving you lots of ideas on how to build it into your daily life. This module’s contents include:

  • What Self-Care Is, And What It Isn’t
  • Different Aspects Of Self-Care
  • The Importance Of Self-Care
  • Why Self-Care Isn’t Woo Woo (Video)
  • Self-Care When You Do Not Feel You Can (Podcast)
  • Self-Care When It Seems Unnecessary
  • 30 Tips For Creative Self-care
  • Creating New Self-Care Habits (Download)

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While I may technically be the Director here at SwanWaters, my unofficial title is Healing Cheerleader! I’m a survivor of childhood emotional abuse and workplace bullying. And believe me when I say that I’ve walked the walk when it comes to healing from trauma. I firmly believe that we can undo some of the damage that abuse has done to us, and learn the necessary skills to handle life and all it brings us.

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