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Happy Sunday!

December 3 – December 9

In this episode of the Pint-Sized Healing Podcast, Mags explores the idea of slowing down to heal—rather than rushing because you think you think you “should” be more healed by now.

The world needs to make space for men to heal. Patriarchy hasn’t been kind to them either. Guys, you’re allowed to feel, and cry, and express yourself. If you’re not sure where to start, give Good Will Hunting a bash. It’s phenomenal.

Mags shares a story about how her birthday played a big part in her taking her life back from abusive parents in this article.

This article by Very Well Mind, “…becoming aware of your inner self and how it balances with your outer self is the foundation for good mental, physical, and spiritual health.”

Check out this link to get access to your FREE module from The Healing Academy. Mags put it together just for you—to help you get through the Christmas season.

In this video, Terri Cole, LCSW will teach you how to leave an abusive and/or controlling partner so you can get on with your amazing life.

Carrie shares three tools she used to help her to learn to trust her decision-making abilities in this article.

Do you want a FREE copy of Healing From Abuse: Find Tools That Work For You by Mags Thomson? Click here to download your copy today.



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