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Happy Sunday!

April 15 – April 21

In this episode of the Pint-Sized Healing Podcast, Mags talks about the back and forth of emotional extremes you experience when you heal.

Download your FREE copy of Mags’ book Healing From Abuse: Find Tools That Work for You.

Some seriously good advice from the ever-insightful Brené Brown about reminding yourself of whose opinion of you matters most.

Join The Healing Academy—a program tailored to the needs of abuse survivors.

Watch this informative video on how adverse childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime.

If you’re ready to invest in your future and develop the mental strength to overcome your past, it’s time for you to join our workshops on The Healing Mindset today.

Have you cut contact with your family of origin? If so, how did people respond to that decision? It can sometimes be tough to defend that choice (even though you don’t owe anyone a justification, of course). Check out what The Invisible Scar has to say about how to deal with the possible backlash after going No Contact.

What do bonsai trees and children of abuse have in common? Read this article Mags wrote to find out.

Sometimes, life requires us to stop pushing through and actually just take some time to rest. Read about 5 things you can do when you’re struggling and feeling drained.

A bunch of FREE SwanWaters resources for you to explore and enjoy on your healing journey.

April 8 – April 14

In this episode of the Pint-Sized Healing Podcast, Mags discusses the way that healing often requires you to go back over the same painful territory. And usually at a deeper level because you haven’t dealt with certain aspects of it yet.⁣

Healing doesn’t just happen. It’s something you DO! Check out the 3 ways you need to commit to your own healing.

Are you suffering with emotional trauma after experiencing abuse? Have harmony and balance been missing from your life? Become a member of The Healing Academy Plus program so that we can teach you the skills you need to heal.

Are you ready to develop future-focused thinking but need a little help with it? Join us in our weekly workshops for The Healing Mindset.

Try out Carrie’s favorite meditation by Jason Stephenson. She’s used this video on a regular basis for a while now and it’s really helped her to be more self-compassionate.

In Healing From Abuse: Find Tools That Work For You, Mags draws from her training as a school teacher to explore how different learning styles can be incorporated into your healing journey. Get your FREE copy today.

If you fall into the pattern of settling for less because you’re hungry for love, read this beautiful insight from Shan Major.

April 1 – April 8

In this week’s episode of the Pint-Sized Healing Podcast, I talk about the fact that healing is often quite an in-your-face process. But that, given time, it can become intriguing—rather than only painful and exhausting.

You’re worth healing. If you need a hand learning to believe that it’s true, come join us in our FREE Facebook group to build relationships with like-minded people who get the ups and downs of the journey.

Childhood trauma affects our physical health in adulthood. It’s not pseudoscience. It’s fact. This is why we have to be kind to ourselves (and each other) as we heal.

Healing doesn’t just happen. It’s something you DO! Discover the 3 ways you need to commit to your own healing.

It’s totally possible to heal your way out of a struggle-based, fear-based, anger-based mindset. We can teach you how to do this. Get an attitude tune-up by joining our workshops for The Healing Mindset today.

Oof. “Blame is simply the discharging of discomfort and pain. It has an inverse relationship with accountability.” An amazing little talk from Brene Brown.




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