I bet you did not know that today is Forgiveness Day!

Forgiveness (or the F-Word, as we sometimes reference it) is always a touchy subject, but one I think that we need to keep discussing.

Forgiveness is hard! I get that, really I do! I mean, I am right there with you. Somewhere between anger, guilt, blame and responsibility. But, I firmly believe that forgiveness is an important step in our healing journey. A step that has nothing to do with my abusers, and everything to do with my inner-peace. In fact, I don’t think it is a step at all. Forgiveness is a journey in and of itself.

Here are some thoughts about forgiveness from the SwanWaters Team:

I found that forgiveness had to be about me forgiving myself. Like many survivors, I blamed myself for the abuse I endured. Forgiveness for survivors doesn’t mean what it does for others, because we forgive the abuse over and over–it’s what keeps us there. Forgiveness was about no longer giving the memories any power over me emotionally or physically.

Aubrey Cole

Forgiveness is not that free pass for the abuser, it is not even sweeping your story under the rug (again). I think it is about owning your story and being at peace with it. I have no interest in grudges,
I have enough baggage with just my pain and grief ♥

Mags Thomson

Unforgiveness is like an acid. The acid harms the vessel that carries it more than the object it might be poured upon. Don’t hold ACID in your heart. You can forgive and still own your Truth. When you own your Truth, that is ultimate forgiveness for yourself. Nothing is more important than that.

Wanda Goodman


Don’t Go It Alone

Oh, and if you need some support on your day of forgiveness, it is also Take Your Dog to Work Day so you can cuddle in the office while contemplating forgiveness  (Lacking a dog, or an office? No problem! Just head to the Facebook group and join the discussion there!)

Share your thoughts on forgiveness below, I am always curious to hear what you think.

While I may technically be the Director here at SwanWaters, my unofficial title is Healing Cheerleader! I’m a survivor of childhood emotional abuse and workplace bullying. And believe me when I say that I’ve walked the walk when it comes to healing from trauma. I firmly believe that we can undo some of the damage that abuse has done to us, and learn the necessary skills to handle life and all it brings us.

I bet you did not know that today is Forgiveness Day! It is always a touchy subject, but one I think that we need to keep discussing on SwanWaters.


  1. Keira

    July 17, 2015 at 11:23 pm

    Understanding the different forms of forgiveness was incredibly helpful for me … I was always taught only one form of it …

    I would be abused, try to bring up the mistreatment, then be immediately told that I was “unforgiving” and my worship to god would not be accepted because of my ‘unforgiving spirit’ … Which was confusing because the abuse they served out was always invalidated. It was spoken of as never happening/ or as being misunderstood by me … so how was I to ‘forgive’ something which they claim never happened? (I realize now that they were just reaching into their bag of tricks throwing out whatever they could – whether it made sense or not – in order to shut me up so they didn’t have to have their conscience pricked)

    So, as I came to learn by their behavior, forgiveness meant – sweeping under the rug any abuse from them – not addressing the issue – not even SPEAKING about the issue (as that was ‘disrespectful’) and then I had to live with the pain from their past behavior and accept whatever future abuse was coming my way … and do so quietly. Forgiveness was something that was DEMANDED by people who never showed signs of remorse or apology …

    Is it any wonder that the idea of ‘forgiveness’ has always made me cringe? I am happy to have a much fuller (and healthier) understanding of what is involved in forgiveness now. Thank goodness!

    • Monkey

      July 20, 2015 at 6:47 pm

      Hey Keira,

      So lovely to hear from you. Yes, forgiveness is a tough cookie, and it is so often used against us. It is a method of control, it is that free pass type of forgiveness.

      It is not just the abusers that tell us to forgive though. I think people want us to “forgive” so we can shuffle all the uncomfortable truths back under the carpet…

      Healing requires airing out the dirty laundry, that is one of the things we do on the forums here. Talking through our past, so we can let it go. Forgiveness is more about acceptance than anything else I think.



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